Soersha Dyas


I have been filming and creating videos since I got my hands on my first camera when I was 16. I have been able to turn that passion into a career and am enjoying every second of it. I love to capture the stories that people's lives tell. And I love to make those stories beautiful. 

I grew up in Idaho, went to college in Montana, and I now reside in Northern California. I have a bachelor's degree in marketing. I met my incredible husband at college (Montana State University) and we have been married for 2 years now. I love Jesus and I am a creative through and through - wildly passionate about creating anything beautiful that can touch other people. I just so happen to specialize in wedding videography! Film has the ability to evoke true emotion and show genuine moments in people's lives. 

I want to connect with you and create a film that is authentic to who you are. Please contact me with any questions you have, ideas you want to see come to life, travel inquiries, and of course, my availability. I look forward to creating something spectacular with you!