Hello, I'm Soersha.

(pronounced "seer-sha")

I have been filming and creating videos since I got my hands on my first camera when I was 16. I have been able to turn that passion into a career and am enjoying every second of it. I love to capture the stories that people's lives tell. And I love to make those stories beautiful. Film has the unique ability to evoke true emotion and show genuine moments in people's lives, and I live for that.

I grew up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, went to college in Bozeman, Montana, and I now reside in Sacramento, California. I love Jesus and I am a creative through and through - wildly passionate about creating anything beautiful that can touch other people. I just so happen to specialize in wedding videography! In 2019, driven by a love for film and storytelling, I reached out to my Bozeman community and said I wanted to begin filming weddings. A ton of people contacted me, offering up their wedding as practice, and the rest is history.

I want to connect with you and create a film that is authentic to who you are! Please contact me with any questions you have, ideas you want to see come to life, travel inquiries, and of course, my availability. I look forward to creating something spectacular with you!

Some common questions:

How do you choose the music for your videos?

I put a GREAT deal of thought into the music I use in the videos I create. Audio is the back-bone of any video and is extremely important to that storytelling process! Once you book with me, I send you a questionnaire. In that little survey I ask you questions about specific songs that are important to you and then general genres to stay away from. After that, I use a combination of instrumental songs that I pay to license and more popular songs that you love or I feel fits your story!

Do you photograph weddings as well?

While I have photographed weddings before, it is not something that I am currently focusing on. However, I have a list of photographers who I love working with and who create absolutely beautiful images. Feel free to ask me for it!

Once I book with you, then what?

Like I mentioned above, I will send you this questionnaire so that we can get to know one another a little better and I can learn some info about your wedding day plans. After that we primarily communicate via email and mostly closer to your wedding day about itinerary details. I am always down for a FaceTime or phone call though if you have extra questions or just want to meet. :)