our speed date

I am so stoked to be a part of your wedding day. Please fill out the form below so that we can feel a little less like strangers on your day (I wrote some of my own responses as well). Some questions might not apply, but please be as extensive as possible. Thank you in advance, this helps me a ton! 

I am a 4w3. If you have no idea what the enneagram is, then please ignore this. If you're curious, check it out here

I just finished my undergrad at Montana State University. I now have a bachelor degree in Business Marketing. Other than that, this is my occupation, filmmaking! 

I typically work very closely with your photographer during the day. This information helps me know what to expect!

My Insta handle is @filmsbysoersha. I ask for yours so that I have them for when I post stories and videos of your wedding day!

This helps me know of any hurtful, awkward, or just interesting situations that I might be around during your day. If I am in the loop I can be sensitive to any dynamics!

This helps me understand you, especially when I am expressing your story via video. :)

The music I use varies greatly- sometimes its royalty-free, indie, instrumental, pop, etc. It helps me to know if there's any music that I should definitely avoid!

I want to create a video that fits your love and your expectations. I frequently do a combination of vibes, to tell a story. Just let me know what you expect! It's okay if you don't know, have a vague idea, or know exactly what you want.

Please let me know of only things/people that you would want to see in your video.

I love Jesus! Other than filming, I love photography, drawing, painting, my husband, and any form of potatoes.